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Anonymous asked: I'm curious about what you (and anyone following this blog) think of Maleficent's representation in Kingdom Hearts. I personally really hate it. In the movie she's intelligent, powerful, and in control. Whereas in KH she's pretty much just Xehanort's unwitting pawn who gets trampled all over the original KH characters. All it took for Saix to incapacitate her in KH2 was to throw some Dusks at her. I'm just curious whether I'm alone in being bothered by this.

I think Maleficent’s shining game is Kingdom Hearts 1. In KH1 she is everything you described her as being: intelligent, powerful, and very much in control. I agree that her representation in KH2 is a bit weak, but in KH1 she’s near perfect.

colour meme:

       → sora + pink

So, I’ve gotten a few messages asking me to post a picture of myself, so here it is I guess.


Being a keyblade master sure comes in handy.